Zoë Wind

Hi! My name is Zoë, I’m a grade 12 student in Ottawa. I love cycling, gardening, and exploring, particularly in my hometown of Ottawa.

I’ve always been passionate about the environment and care deeply about stopping the climate crisis. I know, like most people my age, that unless we act now, we won’t have much of a future.

I started Bytown Green through the Generation Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Ambassador program run by the United Nations Association in Canada, which encouraged me to work to achieve the SDGs within my community.

While brainstorming ideas for my project, realized how most people, especially in my generation, don’t realize how many things are happening within our own communities. We want to help, but lots of us don’t know about the people already working to make our city a greener place. For my initiative, I wanted to come alongside existing changemakers and organizations and help them by raising the profiles of the work they do.

This is exactly what Bytown Green is for: educating the people of Ottawa about the great things being done in our city and encouraging them to do their part in marking is a more environmentally friendly place.